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Dr Ueckerdt is managing director of the Australian-German Energy Transition Hub - a bilateral research network of 6 Australian and 6 German research institutes. This "virtual institute" seeks to provide policy-relevant research on how to turn the challenge of a zero-emission future into an economic opportunity for both countries.

Dr Ueckerdt works in international projects with researchers from all over the world, including China, USA, India, Europe and Australia. In the CD-links project (, 10 national modeling teams and 3 global modeling teams cooperate with the aim of deriving coherent national and global low-carbon development pathways.

Since 2015, Dr Ueckerdt is part of the IEA advisory group on grid integration of variable renewables. In the past, he worked in energy planning for the International Renewable Energy Agency (2014/2015) and in e-mobility for the Boston Consulting Group (2009). He has been a contributing author to the Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation of the IPCC (2011) and in 2016 he was a postdoctoral research scholar at the Hanley Sustainability Institute of the University of Dayton, Ohio (2016).

He has a background in physics and economics and conducts research and policy advice in the field of climate change mitigation, energy system transformation, wind and solar power integration as well as economic impacts of climate change.


  • –present
    Team leader, Potsdam Institute