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Federica Di Palma

Director of Science, Earlham Institute

Federica Di Palma is Director of Science at the Earlham Institute and also leads her own research group. Previously Assistant Director of the Vertebrate Biology group at the Broad Institute, Federica successfully led the development, planning and analysis of several major mammalian genome sequencing projects, as well as projects involving additional vertebrate organisms such as the Caribbean anole lizard (anolis carolinensis) the first sequenced reptile, the three-spine stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus), and the cichlid fishes of the African lakes. At the Broad Institute, Federica also led the development and implementation of an institute wide-cross training program for staff scientists. Federica remains a visiting scientist.

Federica received her Ph.D. in Immunogenetics from the Institute for Animal Health and the University of Reading (UK). She was subsequently awarded a Fogarty Fellowship from the National Institute of Deafness and Communication Disorders (NIH), where she worked on the genetics of deafness, identifying genes responsible for well-known deafness syndromes in mice and humans, for which she received the fellow's award for Research Excellence (FARE) in Biomedical Research at NIH.

Following her postdoctoral work at NIH, Federica went on to the Hubbard Center for Genome Studies (HCGS) at the University of New Hampshire (US) as a senior research scientist and service centre manager; gaining a wealth of experience in molecular biology and genomics, including teaching undergraduate courses in immunogenetics.


  • –present
    Director of Science, Earlham Institute