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Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College

At Dartmouth, my group's research has been driven by five thrusts:

(1) Evolutionary Game Theory with Applications: Population Structure and Evolution of Cooperation;
(2) Computational Social Science: Evolutionary Dynamics of Human Behavior;
(3) Biomedical Data Science: Dynamics of Cancer Evolution and Treatment;
(4) Public Health Data Science: Behavioral Epidemiology and Network-based Interventions;
(5) Computational Neuroscience: E/I Imbalance Hypothesis and Neural Synchronization.

This interdisciplinary field of our research has a significant data science component, and integrates applied mathematics, social science, and computer science, evolutionary biology, and statistical physics. Our research aims to facilitate and promote interdisciplinary research that has a foundation on mathematics and also to synergistically connect evolutionary game theory with data science through data-driven mathematical modeling with real-world applications that have broad and significant impact on our society.


  • –present
    Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dartmouth College


  • 2010 
    Peking University, Dynamics and Control