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Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University of Manchester

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Lecturer at the University of Manchester, specialised in trauma, psychosis and hearing voices.

My research interests focus primarily on the psychological and cognitive underpinnings of psychotic experiences (in particular auditory verbal hallucinations) in non-clinical and clinical populations. I am also particularly interested in studying the impact of adverse life experiences (e.g. childhood trauma) on severe mental difficulties (e.g. psychosis), and the psychological mechanisms that might account for these associations.

As a practitioner clinical psychologist, I am also interested in psychosocial interventions for psychosis/severe mental health difficulties, in particular CBT and Methods of Levels therapy. I have expertise in a variety of quantitative research methods, including meta-analysis, questionnaire/survey methods, experience sampling, secondary analysis of epidemiological datasets and experimental psychopathology.


  • 2015–present
    Clinical Lecturer in Psychology, University of Manchester