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Fitri Murfianti, known as the Lecturer at DKV ISI Surakarta, was named the Outstanding Lecturer in 2019 at ISI Surakarta and also selected as awardee LPDP to pursue a Ph.D. at Leiden University. Her study focuses on the dynamics and social impact of Islamic-Inspired Memes. A strong interest in social media and digital literacy has resulted in numerous articles and presentations at international conferences on topics such as manipulated political memes, Generation Z's protest language, social climbing in the digital era, the role of social media in the spread of fake news, and the complex interplay of identity, prejudice, and religiosity in social media. This scholar has also taken part in a number of workshops on scientific writing and global social science issues. Since 2023, she has worked in the Research and Development Division of the Mafindo organisation, the Indonesian Anti-Slander Society, on several projects, and with team have published the books; Tipologi Hoaks Pilpres 2019, and Hoaks di Indonesia 2022


Outstanding lecturer, ISI Surakarta, 2019