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Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent

I am Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent’s School of Social Policy, Sociology and Social Research.

My research is oriented towards the study of the workings of precautionary culture and risk aversion in Western societies. At present I am engaged with issues located at the border between historical and cultural sociology. After completing a study of the sociological history of authority I am looking at the relationship between the contestation of cultural authority and literacy.

I completed my PhD in Research and MA in African Politics at the School of Oriental and African Studies. I completed my BA in Political Science at McGill University.

My most recent research offers an answer to the questions of why campus culture is undergoing such a dramatic transformation and why the term moral quarantine refers to the infantilising project of insulating students from offence and a variety of moral harms.


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    Emeritus Professor of Sociology, University of Kent