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Gaaitzen de Vries

Associate Professor, University of Groningen, Senior Research Fellow, World Institute for Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER), United Nations University

Gaaitzen de Vries is an associate professor at the Department of Global Economics and Management of the University of Groningen, and Visiting Professor of Global Value Chains at the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing. His research is mainly on international economics and development economics. In particular, it is focused on structural change and economic development, the measurement, causes and consequences of global production fragmentation.

Gaaitzen is a member of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre. He has co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals, such as the American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Geography, and Economic Policy.

Professor de Vries is part of UNU-WIDER’s project on the Economic Transformation Database. He is involved in researching patterns and causes of structural transformation in developing countries, and the development of the Economic Transformation Database, the successor of the GGDC 10-sector database.


  • –present
    Non-Resident Senior Research Fellow in Development Economics, United Nations University