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Personal Chair, Institute for Medical Research, University of Cambridge

Professor Geoff Words is Personal Chair at the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research. His research has focused on pain and pain reception through the use of Clinical Genetics (working with individuals and families) and Molecular Genetics (using linkage, gene finding, mutation pathogensis testing and cell based functional proteomics) to understand rare Mendelian disorders of painlessness and identifying the genetic forms of commoner pain phenotypes, such as CRP.

As well as Mendelian disorders of painlessness his work also focuses on other rare human genetic phenotypes such as local anesthetic insensitivity, severe early onset encephalopathy (EIEE and Peho syndrome), complete failure of breast development, primary microcephaly (MCPH).


  • –present
    Professor, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research


  • 2010
    Congenital insensitivity to pain: novel SCN9A missense and in-frame deletion mutations., Human Mutation