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Geoffrey Woolcock

Senior Research Fellow (Regional Community Development), Strategic Research Projects, University of Southern Queensland

Geoff Woolcock is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland¿s Institute for Resilient Regions, and an Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University¿s School of Human Services and Social Work and QUT¿s Centre for Children¿s Health Research. He is particularly interested in applying indicators of community strengths in socio-economically disadvantaged communities and the factors that contribute to building child- and youth-friendly communities. His work with large-scale public and private sector organisations concentrates on developing measures of communities' strengths, closely collaborating with local communities. Geoff is an experienced social researcher with considerable expertise in social and community service planning and evaluation, including social impact assessment and project evaluation, social capital and community capacity building. He has 25 years community-based research experience nationally and internationally, in housing, youth and health sectors, and has co-published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers and community reports.