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Senior Researcher in Oceanography, Institute of Marine Sciences

Dr Georg Umgiesser is a senior researcher in Oceanography. He achieved a degree in oceanography (1986), became a researcher from 1992, second laurea cum laude in Physics (1997) and has been a senior scientist at ISMAR Venice since 2001. He held various courses on oceanography and numerical techniques at Venice and Padua University and he is teaching Masters Courses at University of Malta, Granada, Klaipeda and Southampton.

He is heading a group of five scientists that mainly studies lagoons and the coastal zone through numerical modelling. He also holds an associated position as lead researcher at Klaipeda University, Lithuania

He wrote more than 100 papers between refereed journals (50 on ISI), refereed books (10), proceedings (60) and other journals and is reviewer for most of the oceanographic journals.

He is a member of the ETWCH-4 expert team of JCOMM on Waves and Coastal Hazards and is responsible ISMAR in the MONGOOS (ex MOON) network. In the new ESFRI infrastructure Danubius-RI he is the Italian responsible and the leader of the thematic modeling node.


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