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Research assistant, University of Adelaide

I am a geoscientist who recently completed a PhD at The University of Adelaide. My research focused on unravelling past environments during the Neoproterozoic Era. This was a dynamic time in Earth's past, as the world experienced climatic shifts, tectonic reorganisation, and biological evolution. As part of my project, I conducted fieldwork in the northern Flinders Ranges, and used sedimentological and geochemical techniques to try and piece together how the world descended into a global icehouse, referred to as "Snowball Earth", roughly 700 million years ago.

Since finishing my PhD, I have continued working within the university environment, as both an administrative officer for the Tectonics and Earth Systems (TES) Research Group and Metal Isotopes Group (MIG), and a research assistant for the Australian Critical Zone Observatory (OZCZO).


  • 2023–present
    Research Assistant, OZCZO
  • 2023–present
    Administrative Officer, Metal Isotopes Group
  • 2022–present
    Administrative Officer, Tectonics and Earth Systems Research Group
  • 2018–2023
    PhD Researcher, The University of Adelaide


  • 2023
    Tectonic, eustatic and climate controls on facies architecture during the transition to the Neoproterozoic icehouse in the Adelaide Superbasin, Australia, Sedimentologika
  • 2021
    Descending into the “snowball”: High resolution sedimentological and geochemical analysis across the Tonian to Cryogenian boundary in South Australia, Precambrian Research