Research Associate in the Department of Psychology, University of Sheffield

Much of my research has focused on the experience of mind-wandering/daydreaming, particularly in relation to well-being (and the potential benefits of mind-wandering). I have used a variety of methods including experience-sampling/ecological momentary assessment, cognitive laboratory tasks, and fMRI.

I also look at ASMR – also known as ‘brain tingles’ describes the feeling that some people experience in response to triggers such as whispering, soft-speaking, and tapping (read more here). We have conducted some of the first scientific research on the emotional and physiological correlates of the ASMR response (collaboration with Emma Blakey, Thomas Hostler, and Theresa Veltri).

I have a developing interest sleep and well-being including the ‘anomalous’ sleep experiences of lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis (collaboration with Dan Denis).

I am also currently working on an Arts Council funded project exploring the effect of arts engagement on well-being (with Peter Totterdell, UoS and Luisa Golob, Ignite Imaginations).


  • 2015–present
    Assistant researcher, University of York