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Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Clarkson University

For over two decades, Dr. Ahmadi has been working on aerosol transport and deposition in the human respiratory tract. Currently, he is studying the dispersion and transport of respiratory droplets emitted by speaking or coughing in indoor environments in connection with aerosols transmission of COVID-19. In earlier projects, he and his research team developed new techniques for modeling pollutant transport, dispersion in indoor and outdoor environments. Other research projects included turbulent flows of dense and dilute, solid-gas or liquid mixtures with application to particulate processing, spray formation, and hot-gas filtration. Additional earlier projects included analyzing aerosol particle transport, deposition, and removal in turbulent flows with application to micro-contamination control in microelectronic, xerographic, and glass industries. In addition, Dr. Ahmadi and his collaborators studied separation control of flapped airfoils, active control of turbulence flows, as well as subsurface flows. A related project was the base isolation of buildings in seismic regions for their protection against earthquakes.

Earlier research interests included evaluation of particle transport and deposition in microelectronic manufacturing and xerographic environment; in a related project, removal and re-suspension of particles and elongated fibers from smooth and rough surfaces in turbulent air flows; a significant effort was to quantify particle transport and deposition processes in coal energy systems, this project also included developing physically sound models for dense and dilute two-phase and granular (particulate) flows; in another project, the formation of fuel spray for application in racket engines was studied; effective techniques for vibration control of various structures were developed, and passive control of structures under earthquake excitations was studied, and new frictional systems for damping the structural vibrations was developed; in a related project, vibration control of aerospace structures, including Space Shuttle during lift-off and on-orbit, as well as avionic equipment, were studied.

Professor Ahmadi has authored more than 740 papers in archival journals, in addition to three books and more than 1200 papers in national and international conference proceedings. He has also given more than 160 keynote lectures and invited seminars worldwide. Professor Ahmadi is on the editorial advisory board of thirteen technical journals and is a fellow of ASME, ISME, ISCE, ASTFE, and IAAM. He was also a Senior Research Associate at National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL). More information can be found on his research Web site.


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    Professor of mechanical engineering, Clarkson University