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H. Colleen Sinclair

Associate Research Professor of Social Psychology, Louisiana State University

My program of research is broad. I take a theory-grounded, multi-method, approach to tackling social issues. I have funding from the Department of Defense, the Gates Foundation, and the Department of Corrections. Much of my data collection is in the field. I work on:
Understanding the hazards of the information highway, including dis/misinformation, conspiracy theories, & dangerous speech and their links to extremism.
Investigating means to improve equity and access in educational, policy, and correctional settings.
Examining challenges within intergroup and interpersonal relations, broadly construed.

See my recent publications on identity-based bullying for intergroup relations research.
See my TED talk for some of my interpersonal relationships research ( This was also turned into a TEDEd animated vlog.

B.A., University of Colorado, 1996
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2004

Current Research
Interpersonal Relationships
Intergroup Relationships
Social Influence & Misinformation
Psychology, Public Policy and the Law
Aggressive Behavior


  • 2022–present
    Associate research professor, Louisiana State University
  • 2005–2022
    Associate professor, Mississippi State University