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Hamed Gamaleldien

Assistant Professor in Geochemistry, Curtin University

Dr. Hamed Gamaleldien received his Ph.D. from Curtin University- Australia and followed it up with three years postdoctoral fellowship at the same university and now working as Assistant professor at Khalifa University, UAE. Dr. Gamaleldien is utilizing cutting-edge geochemical technologies to study mantle-derived rocks at global-, regional- and micro- to nano-scales. His breakthrough scientific discoveries shed new light on Earth’s dynamic evolution over its four billion-year history, including aspects related to the evolution of the Earth’s mantle, the early formation of the continental crust, the start of plate tectonics, and the superplume-supercontinental cycles. His work improves our understanding of how the entire Earth system works and has evolved, including knowledge related to mineralization events.


  • –present
    Assistant Professor, Curtin University


  • 2021 
    Curtin University , PhD (Applied geology)