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Hedwig van Delden

Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Adelaide

Hedwig van Delden is Director of the Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS) in the Netherlands and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide.

Her work focuses on applying research into planning and policy practice, and in particular on understanding and modelling of land use dynamics, integrating socio-economic and bio-physical processes, bridging the science- policy gap and the development of strategic scenarios. In doing so she focuses on the integration of disciplines as well as techniques (analysis, modelling, participation).

Hedwig has managed and contributed to a vast range of projects with multiple partners and objectives, for various governmental organisations worldwide. Her work in Australia includes the development of integrated models to support long-term decision-making for disaster risk reduction policies as part of the Bushfire & Natural Hazard CRC project.


  • 2004–present
    Director, Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS)
  • 2012–present
    Adjunct associate professor, The University of Adelaide