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Professor in Modern History, University of York

Henrice Altink is Professor in Modern History and Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC). She joined the department in 2004. Henrice has been actively involved with the Society for Caribbean Studies (SCS) for many years and is currently an executive member of the Social History Society and deputy editor of Women’s History Review. Henrice’s main research focuses on social inequalities in the Caribbean. She has worked extensively on gender during slavery and in the post-emancipation period and her more recent work focusses on race during the decolonisation period.

Her latest book looks at race and colour discrimination in Jamaica from 1918 till 1980. It not only maps the multiple and often covert forms of discrimination in a variety of settings – e.g. work, education, and law - but also explores how they were discussed and the extent to which they were contested. Henrice has also worked on the history of medicine and health in the 20th-century Caribbean, in particular mental health, nutrition and TB and is expanding her research into the environmental history of the circum-Caribbean, paying particular attention to inequalities of class and race and ethnicity.


  • 2004–present
    Professor in Modern History, University of York