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Hermione Parsons

Director, Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics, Victoria University

Dr Hermione Parsons is the Director of the Institute for Supply Chain and Logistics at Victoria University and Chairperson of the Supply Chain Advisory Network involving businesses representing each point of the international supply chain.

She has more than 20 years executive management experience in public and private sector organisations with responsibility for: port landside logistics, multimodal infrastructure, competition, regulation, supply chain reengineering, perishable food supply chains and industry government relations.

Dr Parsons has led many projects relating to 'whole of supply chain' integration and complexity nationally and internationally for the Association of South East Nations (ASEAN) and Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

Dr Parsons recently joined academia, is an Associate Professor, and has extensive national and international government and industry networks. Dr Parsons works closely with businesses at each point of the logistics chain and is an advocate of objective research to support public and private sector decision making.