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Hinze Hogendoorn

Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, The University of Melbourne

I am a Senior Research Fellow at the Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences (the University of Melbourne), where I am the head of the Time in Brain and Behaviour Laboratory.

My primary research interests lie in visual time perception. Using psychophysical, behavioral, and neuroimaging techniques, I investigate questions such as how time is encoded in the brain, and how the brain keeps track of time. I am especially interested in how the brain solves the computational problems that result from processing different visual features at different locations in the brain – at different speeds.

In my research, I use various methods to understand how exactly the brain achieves this. For example, I use advanced multivariate EEG decoding techniques, eye tracking and a range of behavioural methods to answer questions such as: How does the brain re-align features in time that have been processed with different delays? And how does it give us the illusion that we perceive the present, even though the brain’s own processing delays mean we are always living in the past?


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    Senior Research Fellow, Melbourne School of Psychological Sciences, University of Melbourne