Ivanka Barzashka

Research Associate, Centre for Science and Security Studies, King's College London

Ivanka Barzashka is a researcher in the Defence Studies Department of King’s College London. She designs and directs wargames as part of a project that examines how aerospace defence affects nuclear risks between NATO and Russia. Barzashka conducted part of this research as a MacArthur Nuclear Security Fellow at Stanford University’s Center of International Security and Cooperation. Barzashka has built models for evaluating missile defence effectiveness and examined technical options for NATO-Russia cooperation on missile defence at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and at King's Centre for Science and Security Studies. Previously, she managed the Federation of American Scientists’ interdisciplinary assessment of Iran’s nuclear capability, which included estimating the performance of gas centrifuges. She holds a BS in Physics from Roanoke College and an MA in Science and Security (with distinction) from King's College London, where she is pursuing a PhD in War Studies Research.


  • –present
    Research Associate, Centre for Science and Security Studies , King's College London