J. Robert Branston

Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Business Economics, University of Bath

The provision of public utilities, such as electricity, gas or national railway services, continues to generate considerable public debate. Industrial economics provides many fascinating insights into important questions such as: What are the implications of different forms of provision or market structure? What technologies or mechanisms should be used in their provision? How should these markets be appropriately regulated or managed?

The question of who controls a particular (economic) organization has long been an issue. However, it is still unclear as to what exactly control means. Does control differ between different types of firm, networks of firms, or between firms and other types of organization (e.g. charities)? What are the implications of control in terms of government policy? Many have contributed work in such areas but a new perspective within economics focuses upon those who are able to make strategic decisions within organizations (and those who are not), thus providing intriguing new insights into this area and its wider implications.


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    Lecturer in Business Economics, University of Bath