Jack D. Sharples

Lecturer in Energy Politics, European University at St Petersburg

Jack Sharples is currently a Lecturer in Energy Politics at the European University of St Petersburg, Russia, where he teaches courses on energy politics and energy law.

His current research focuses on Russia’s natural gas relations with the EU and its Member States, and relations between Gazprom and the Russian state.

Jack’s broader research interests include EU-Russia energy relations, Russian and European energy security, Russian approaches to climate change, and Russia’s domestic and external energy policies.

Jack is also a researcher in the sphere of Russian energy policy and foreign affairs for the European Geopolitical Forum and author of the monthly Gazprom Monitor report.

Jack speaks native English and Russian.


  • 2013–present
    Lecturer in Energy Politics, European University at St Petersburg


  • 2014
    Russian gas supplies to Europe: the likelihood, and potential impact, of an interruption in gas transit via Ukraine, European Geopolitical Forum
  • 2014
    Russia-Ukraine gas relations: Five years on from the January 2009 dispute, are there any signs of long-term progress towards a more stable arrangement?, Enerpo Journal
  • 2013
    Russian approaches to energy security and climate change: Russian gas exports to the EU, Environmental Politics
  • 2013
    Gazprom and the development of spot-pricing on the EU gas market, Baltic Rim Economies
  • 2012
    Russo-Polish energy security relations: a case of threatening dependency, supply guarantee, or regional energy security dynamics?, Political Perspectives