Lecturer of Biochemistry, Thomas Jefferson University

Research Interests

My initial work in the signaling and functional effects of small RAS GTPases focused on the molecular mechanisms of RAS trafficking, and its contributions to cancer. I showed that distinct locations of RAS at the plasma membrane profoundly influenced the ability to facilitate downstream signaling, which led to investigating a novel strategy for pharmacological inhibition of RAS-driven cancers.

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Combining my background in oncogenesis and resources in platelet biology, we began focusing our research efforts towards understanding the roles of platelets in cancer. We have found that microvesicles released from platelets, infiltrate solid tumors, adhere to tumor cells, and transfer platelet-derived microRNAs to the tumor cells, with profound effects on tumor cell gene expression, function, and tumorigenesis in vivo.

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    Lecturer of Biochemistry , Thomas Jefferson University


  • 2016 
    Temple University, PhD/ Cell Biology