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Professor & Research Strategic Lead, School of Engineering; and Programme Lead, Integrated Energy at National Subsea Centre, Robert Gordon University

Professor James Njuguna is Intergrated Energy Lead at National Subse Centre and Research Strategic Lead at School of Engineering. He is passionate on how products 'things' are made, what they are made of and how they fail or survive their functional use they were designed for. His research is focused on experimental research on composite materials reinforcement, toughness, materials design, materials selection strategies; and structural-property relationship. Structural composites research is on evaluation of composites integrity, failure and damage analysis, and durability evaluation primary high performance structural applications and new product development usiing new materials and circular design approaches.

He has developed several commercialised solutions, both processes and products. He is widely involved in oil and gas, and renewable energy assests products and systems as well as enabling policy, life cycle assessment and sustability either by design, policy or business models mechanism.

A side stream of his research is a focus on exploiting materials failure behaviour to occupation safety of materials in applications such as recyled materials, novel maerials and nanomaterials. In particular, he is a pioneer in research on emission/ diffusion/ release of nanofillers from polymer fibre-reinforced nanocomposites which contributes to research on their durability and on furthering NanoSafety of nanomaterials to human and environmental health, hence responsible materials innovation practices.


  • –present
    Professor, School of Engineering, Robert Gordon University