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Public health academic, UNSW Sydney

Dr James Wood is an applied mathematician with interests across a broad range from evolutionary and immunological processes to cost-effectivenesss evaluations for disease interventions. He completed his honours degree and PhD at the University of Queensland (both in mathematical physics). His primary application area is vaccine preventable diseases but he also has interests in tuberculosis and resistance in bacterial infections more broadly.

He has published over 40 papers in international journals, focussing on the impact and cost-effectiveness of vaccines on epidemiology, along with research related disease elimination and parameter estimation (particularly for measles). He was previously quite involved in research in emerging infections (particularly planning for influenza pandemics). His current interests are particularly in integrating genetic and immunologic elements into epidemiological models to account for trends in pathogen resistance and declining population immunity, with applications to infections such as pertussis, gonorrhea, tuberculosis and measles.