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Researcher in Geography, Uppsala University

My research interests revolve around theories and practice related to sustainable rural development and land use. I take an inclusive and collaborative approach to my work, regularly facilitating or working in interdisciplinary teams to deliver research that directly impacts policy and practice.

I am currently engaged in research and knowledge exchange in five inter-related themes: multi-stakeholder, land-based collaboration for sustainable development and climate change mitigation (including narratives relating to natural capital); rural poverty and social exclusion; power and social inequality in relation to land and asset tenure/management models; place-based community activism and rural advocacy; and research impact.

Other research has spanned many contexts, including socio-economic and environmental outcomes of rural land uses, game management (for sport and conservation), community and stakeholder engagement, community-led local development, community involvement in renewable energy, and community resilience.

I am motivated by transdisciplinary research that integrates and synthesises many different disciplinary perspectives, between both academic and non-academic actors. I believe that the process of research provides an opportunity for those involved to consider new insights and knowledge, rethink their assumptions, and solve problems in a communicative and collaborative manner. At a time when sustainability challenges are characterised by complexity, divergent perspectives of problems and solutions, and fragmented institutional contexts, the social practices of research should be transformative for all involved, including the researchers. In practice, this means that a lot of my work to date has facilitated deliberative dialogue between policy, practice and academic stakeholders, developing practical outcomes and immediate policy impact.


  • 2016–present
    Honorary Lecturer, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh
  • 2022–present
    Researcher, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 2019–2022
    Research Fellow, Scotland's Rural College
  • 2011–2019
    Researcher, Centre for Mountain Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands