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Senior Lecturer and Baby Lab Director, Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway University of London
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  • 2006–present
    Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Royal Holloway, University of London
  • 2003–2006
    Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, University of South Carolina


  • 1999 
    University of Massachusetts, Amherst, PhD


  • 2014
    Picturing Objects in Infancy, Child Development
  • 2012
    Disappearing décalage: Object search in light and dark at 6 months, Infancy
  • 2010
    Something old, something new: A developmental transition from familiarity to novelty preferences with hidden objects. , Developmental Science
  • 2009
    Preschoolers’ non-symbolic arithmetic with large sets: Is addition more accurate than subtraction? , Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
  • 2008
    The sound of darkness: Why do auditory cues aid infants’ search for objects hidden by darkness but not by visible occluders?, Developmental Psychology
  • 2005
    Familiarity breeds searching: Infants reverse their novelty preferences when reaching for hidden objects, Psychological Science
  • 2003
    Are infants in the dark about hidden objects? , Developmental Science
  • 2002
    Infants’ object search: Effects of variable object visibility under constant means-end demands, Journal of Cognition and Development
  • 2001
    Detecting transparent barriers: Clear evidence against the means-end deficit account of search failures, Infancy
  • 2000
    Object permanence in five-and-a-half-month-old infants?, Infancy
  • 2000
    The effects of graded occlusion on manual search and visual attention in 5- to 8-month-old infants. , Infancy
  • 1998
    On perception of a partially occluded object in 6-month-olds. , Cognitive Development
  • 1997
    Interpreting infant looking: The Event Set x Event Set design. , Developmental Psychology

Grants and Contracts

  • 2013
    The relational body: Sharing body representations with significant others.
    Funding Source:
    UK Economic and Social Research Council
  • 2007
    Developmental Changes in the Strength of Infants’ Object Representation
    Principal Investigator
    Funding Source:
    US National Science Foundation
  • 2001
    Why Do Infants Fail to Search for Hidden Objects?
    Principal Investigator
    Funding Source:
    US National Institutes of Health