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Professor of Media and Cultural Politics, RMIT University

Research interests:

Jeff Lewis is Professorial Fellow in the Global Cities Institute and School of Media and Communication.

He is Co-director of the Human Security and Disasters
Research Program in the Global Cities Research Institute.

Jeff Lewis focuses on cultural interface, conflict and conditions of crisis. With a particular expertise on Indonesia and the Asian region, Professor Lewis examines issues around social development and change.

He is author of 'Cultural Studies' (2002, 2008), 'Language Wars' (2005), 'Crisis in the Global Mediasphere' (2011), 'Global Media Apocalypse' (2013, and 'Culture, Media and Human Violence' (2015). Withe Dr Belinda Lewis, he is also author of of 'Bali's Silent Crisis' (2009) and 'Health Communication: A Media and Cultural Studies Approach' (2015).

His current ARC Discovery Grant is titled 'After the Apocalypse'. It is a study of the ways in which culture and cultural consciousness shape contemporary conditions of conflict and violence.


  • 2009–present
    Professor, RMIT
  • 2000–2011
    Associate Dean, Dean, Deputy PVC (Research), RMIT


    RMIT, PhD

Grants and Contracts

  • 2014
    After the Apocalypse
    Funding Source:
    ARC Discorvery

Research Areas

  • Cultural Studies (2002)
  • Media Studies (200104)