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Post Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, The University of Queensland

I am a sociocultural anthropologist, my research interests include gender violence, refugee and migrant studies, social movements and institutions, and feminist theory. Prior to academia I worked in the human services for 15 years, mostly in domestic violence and refugee resettlement. My work therefore has a particular interest in critical praxis, focusing on strategies addressing gender violence at the level of policy, advocacy and front-line service delivery. My work seeks to examine the inclusion and exclusion of marginalised groups from mainstream systems and institutions, and explore what can be done differently to address social inequalities.


  • 2022–present
    Postdoctoral research fellow, University of Queensland
  • 2017–2021
    PhD Candidate, University of Queensland
  • 2007–2020
    Industry Experience - Social Worker, Multiple - Domestic Violence, Refugee Resettlement, Youth Homelessness organisations


  • 2022 
    University of Queensland, Doctor of Philosophy (Social Sciences)
  • 2007 
    Queensland University of Technology, Bachelor of Social Sciences (Human Services and Social Policy)


  • 2022
    Shifting the Centre: Relocating Refugee Men in Strategies Aiming to Address Violence Against Women, Violence Against Women Journal
  • 2022
    How the 'Culture' in 'Culturally and Linguistically Diverse' Inhibits Intersectionality in Australia: A Study of Domestic Violence Policy and Services, Journal of Intercultural Studies
  • 2022
    Revisiting Empowerment Through Critical Praxis: Perspectives of Front-line Workers Supporting Refugee Women Experiencing Gendered Violence in Australia, Affilia: Feminist Inquiry in Social Work