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Jens N. Lallensack

Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Palaeontology, Liverpool John Moores University

My research primarily revolves around fossil tracks, especially those of dinosaurs. My aim is to unlock the potential of tracks to understand these and other extinct animals. My recent work includes the description of the oldest sauropod trackways; causes of variability in footprint shape; functional interpretations of footprints; range of motion in the sauropod forelimb; and the formation of elongate tracks, amongst others. I also work on cranial anatomy of basal sauropodomorphs.

A recurrent theme of my work are the development of new methods; a high emphasis on verifiability of data and results; and the quantification of shape features that have so far only been described qualitatively. I am deeply invested in photogrammetry, open data, and also Wikipedia, to which I contribute whenever time allows.