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Lecturer in the department of Languages, Information and Communication, Manchester Metropolitan University

Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, my research focuses on the establishment of Jacobitism in small early-modern states, and more specifically on the implication of the European nobility in the fomentation of the 1715 Jacobite rising.

My current research aims at connecting Jacobite network(s) and the Grand Tour in the 18th century. Drawing on my literary background, I use an interdisciplinary methodology to study both the itineraries and practices of Grand-Tourists as well as the genesis and reception(s) of their travel narrative(s).

Grand Tourist myself and a travel narratives lover. FHEA / AFRHS / PGCert.
I am also an active member of the IDEA Research group:
a member of the SELVA and the AJJC.


  • –present
    Thèse de Doctorat en Littérature, langue et civilisation étrangère., University of Lorraine (France)
  • –present
    Phd in early-modern history, Manchester Metropolitan History