Jeremy Galbreath

Associate Professor of Business, Curtin University

My teaching vision is to create a dynamic, interactive environment where students can explore the 'bigger picture' of the role and function of business. To do that, students need to think creatively, strategically and innovatively. By harnessing knowledge from work experience and formal learning, I try to develop the mind of the strategist that can steer firms over the long-term, benefiting stakeholders and advancing society.

Personally, I spent over 15 years as a business professional in various capacities, but predominately had responsibility for business unit and corporate strategy development in Fortune 50 and venture-backed startups. In 2002, I left the United States to pursue my PhD in strategic management in Australia. Completing the degree in 2005, I subsequently accepted a postdoctoral research fellowship at Curtin University of Technology and now serve in the capacity of Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor.

My academic and intellectual contributions include over 100 published articles, including several award winners, as well as written chapters for strategic management, business ethics and sustainability texts. My work has appeared in Australian Journal of Management, British Journal of Management, Business Strategy and the Environment, Corporate Governance, European Business Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, International Journal of Information Technology and Management, International Journal of Organizational Analysis, International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management, Journal of Management & Organization, Management Decision, and Technovation, as well as other journals and conference proceedings.