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Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Waikato

I am a professional philosopher with a keen interest in cross-cultural philosophy, experimental philosophy, and the ways in which they intersect. Most of my research is on various topics related to truth, and I've also done work on disagreement and taste.

I've worked at Waikato since February 2020. Before that, I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Not yet ready to part ways with the South, I studied philosophy at Texas Christian University, working mainly with Blake Hestir and graduating summa cum laude in 2008. I then studied at the University of Connecticut, where I earned my Ph.D. in April 2014 under the direction of Michael Lynch. I also spent part of the summer of 2013 as a Visiting Researcher at the Northern Institute of Philosophy. In August 2016, I completed a two-year postdoc associated with Pluralisms, a project directed by Nikolaj Pedersen devoted to investigating logical, ontological, and alethic pluralism and the connections between them. I then worked as an Assistant Professor at Yonsei University's Underwood International College from 2016-2019.

Along the way, I've been an active member of:

• The Eastern Hemisphere Language & Metaphysics Network (steering committee)
• The Truth Without Borders research network (co-PI with Joe Ulatowski)
• The Relativisms Global Research Network (funded by the Korean National Research Foundation from 2016-2019).
• The Pluralisms Global Research Network (funded by the Korean National Research Foundation from 2013-2016)
• The Veritas Research Center, a philosophy research center based at Underwood International College
• The Prisma Global Research Network, an international research partnership between Veritas, the Cogito Research Centre (Bologna), the Institut für Philosophie (Bonn), the University of Connecticut Philosophy Department, and the University of Waikato Philosophy Department.


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, University of Waikato


  • 2014 
    University of Connecticut, PhD in Philosophy
  • 2011 
    University of Connecticut, MA in Philosophy
  • 2008 
    Texas Christian University, BA in Philosophy


  • 2023
    Alethic desires, framing effects, and deflationism: Reply to Asay, Ratio
  • 2022
    How to Canberra-plan disagreement: Platitudes, taste, preferences, Perspectives on Taste
  • 2022
    How to think about truth, Psyche
  • 2022
    Is truth primitive?, The Philosophical Quarterly
  • 2022
    Primitivist theories of truth: Their history and prospects, Philosophy Compass
  • 2022
    In defence of the villain: Edwards on deflationism and pluralism, Inquiry
  • 2022
    Perspectives on Taste: Aesthetics, Language, Metaphysics, and Experimental Philosophy, co-edited with Julia Zakkou and Dan Zeman
  • 2021
    What is truth?, Humanities, Arts, and Society (HAS) Magazine
  • 2021
    The Nature of Truth: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives, 2nd edition, co-edited with Michael P. Lynch, Junyeol Kim, and Nathan Kellen
  • 2021
    Truth: Concept Meets Property, Synthese
  • 2021
    The nature of disagreement: Matters of taste and environs, Synthese
  • 2018
    Pluralisms in Truth and Logic, co-edited with Nikolaj Pedersen and Nathan Kellen
  • 2018
    Absolutely tasty: An examination of predicates of personal taste and faultless disagreement, Inquiry
  • 2018
    Truth in English and elsewhere: An empirically-informed functionalism, Pluralisms in Truth and Logic
  • 2016
    The many (yet few) faces of deflationism, The Philosophical Quarterly
  • 2016
    From one to many: recent work on truth, American Philosophical Quarterly
  • 2013
    Domains, plural truth, and mixed atomic propositions, Philosophical Studies

Research Areas

  • Philosophy And Religious Studies (22)