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Honorary Postdoctoral Associate in Conservation Medicine, Murdoch University

I hold a PhD in Conservation Medicine with a speciality in the study of captive wildlife health and welfare. I also have a Masters degree in Animal Welfare and a Bachelors degree (with Honours) in Veterinary Health. I have a specific interest in how housing and husbandry in zoo animals can influence the health and behaviour of zoo animals.
My PhD used epidemiological methodology to investigate risk factors for lumpy jaw in macropods houses in zoos across Australia and Europe. The core retrospective study explored animal- and environment-based variables which may influence the development of this painful condition. Results from this research are being used to develop new husbandry recommendations for the care of captive macropods, in the hope of reducing incidence of lumpy jaw and subsequently improving the health and welfare of one of Australia’s most iconic species.


  • –present
    Honorary Postdoctoral Associate in Conservation Medicine , Murdoch University


  • 2019 
    Murdoch University, PhD in Veterinary Science