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Senior Lecturer, Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University

Jim Smart is a senior lecturer in the Griffith School of Environment and the Australian Rivers Institute. His research expertise includes:

Resource economics
- bioeconomic modelling, Hamiltonian-based optimisation in wildlife, pest and conservation management
- agent-based modelling in the management of ecological resources
- mixed quantitative/qualitative methods (choice experiments & contextual analysis) for examining stakeholder interactions and conflicting objectives in resource management
- cost effectiveness and cost utility analysis of biodiversity conservation programme

Environmental economics
- translog and distance function approaches for estimating cost functions for ecosystem service provision and environmental improvement - particularly regarding water quality management and water resource supply.
- modelling operation of economic incentive mechanisms such as permit trading markets for managing water quality

Environmental valuation
- welfare-based methodologies for economic valuation of ecosystem service delivery
- choice experiments, contingent valuation and the 2-stage hedonic pricing methodology to determine welfare-consistent valuations of changes in ecosystem service delivery, environmental improvements and climate change adaptation


  • –present
    Senior Lecturer, Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University