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Reader in Environmental Physiology, University of Portsmouth

I am a Reader in Environmental Physiology as well as the Associate Head for Research and Innovation within the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Portsmouth.

I work in the Extreme Environments Laboratory, which adopts an interdisciplinary research approach to understand, evaluate, and enhance human comfort, performance, and survival in extreme environments. My research focuses primarily on heat, hypoxia and hydration. Specific areas in which I am currently working include: 1) optimising adaptation to environmental stressors, alone and in combination, to improve physical performance in these conditions; 2) the use of environmental stressors to improve physical performance under different condtions (cross-stressor tolerance); 3) strategies to improve physical performance in extreme environments; 4) the therapeutic role of environmental stressors in health and disease.

This work ranges from mechanistic through to applied research and has been funded by industry, defence, elite sport and health groups.