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Joan Manuel F. Mendoza

Research Fellow in Circular Economy and Industrial Sustainability, Ikerbasque Foundation

Joan is a PhD (International Mention) in Environmental Technologies by the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) (2010-2014). As part of the PhD programme, he developed a research internship in the Danish Centre for Environmental Assessment (DCEA) in Aalborg University (AAU) (2012). He also participated as scientific advisor in the Spanish committee for the definition of product category rules (PCR) to develop environmental product declarations (EPD) for natural stone products (2013). From 2015 to 2018, worked as post-doctoral researcher in the Sustainable Industrial system (SIS) group of the University of Manchester (UK), where he was involved in the development of LCA, eco-design and industrial circular economy projects. In 2020, Joan was awarded an Ikerbasque Research Fellowship by the Basque Foundation of Science to develop research in the University of Mondragon on technology and business innovations for circular economy and sustainable development. Prior to his PhD studies, Joan worked as a research assistant in Tecnalia Research & Innovation (Area of Energy and Environment) (2008-2010), and as environmental consultant in a private institution in the Basque Country (Inguru Ingeniería y Gestión Ambiental S.A.) (2007-2008), developing projects on sustainable buildings and urban planning.

Since 2012, he has published 20 high-impact journal papers (Q1), 2 book chapters, participated in 12 international conferences and have been involved in the development of 15 industrial projects, including H2020, LIFE+ and EIT Raw Materials. His research expertise and interests include: circularity and life cycle sustainability assessment of products and technologies, development and application of frameworks, tools and indicators to support circular economy- and sustainability-oriented business model innovation, and eco-design of cleaner production technologies.


  • 2019–present
    Researcher, University of Mondragon
  • 2020–present
    Researcher, IKERBASQUE - The Basque Foundation for Science


IKERBASQUE Research Fellow