Joe Blakey is a Lecturer in Geography whose research explores the relation between space, politics and accounting. He is interested in questions and spatialities of 'the political', governance and so-called smart and sustainable cities. His present research considers the role of carbon accounting in shaping decarbonisation politics. Observing that there are numerous ways of apportioning responsibility for planetary carbon emissions, Joe considers the uneven adoption of carbon accounting standards across space and how this shapes what perspectives ultimately come to 'count'.

Joe also maintains a strong commitment to impact in his work, contributing to the City of Manchester CO2 Monitoring Group. The group reports on the progress that the City of Manchester’s Climate Change Action Plan is making, working to understand why emissions are changing and considering where action should be targeted. Joe has worked on the city's aviation emissions footprint, its annual (production-based) emissions inventory and an inventory under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GPC). He has also submitted evidence to the The Environmental Audit Select Committee on the basis of this work.

Joe contributes to teaching across the undergraduate and postgraduate programme within Geography at The University of Manchester.


  • –present
    PhD Researcher, Sustainable Consumption Institute, University of Manchester