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Professor, Lund University

We work on various topics, but always in the context of marine science. Primarily, we are interested to understand trait evolution and how this variation is related to hybridisation, evolution of reproductive isolation and lineage splitting (Speciation). In these efforts we use geometric morphometric tools as well as various molecular techniques.

We also have a great interest in how organisms apply different developmental strategies to adapt to a changing environment (phenotypic plasticity). This research includes both basic research as well as the question whether natural populations can adapt to anthropogenic change by using plasticity.

The groups other research avenue is strongly associated to applied science such as global climate change effects, ecosystem-based adaptations and sustainable management. In a FORMAS and LIFE funded project in Sweden, and projects funded by WIOMSA and EU for research in the Indian Ocean, we study how to mitigate coastal erosion by using green infrastructure such as beach nourishment and re-implantation of seagrass meadows. We look to understand how the effects of these measures contribute to increased biodiversity, decreased wave energy and increased cultural ecosystem services.


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    Professor, World Maritime University