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Research Associate, University of Bristol

Johan Verhagen is Research Associate in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol.

His research interests cover the role of CTLA-4 in immune regulation. CTLA-4 is a co-stimulatory molecule, similar to CD28. Unlike CD28 however, CTLA-4 is generally thought to inhibit T cell activation rather than promote it.

Its expression on T regulatory cells and the rapid onset of autoimmune disease in the absence of CTLA-4 suggest this molecule plays an important role in immune regulation. The effect of CTLA-4 on individual T cell subsets and its mechanism of action remain debated. Our main aims are to better understand the role of CTLA-4 in;

- Thymic development of natural T regulatory cells
- Peripheral development of inducible T regulatory cell types
- The suppressive effect of T regulatory cells


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    Research Associate, University of Bristol