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Professor of Psychobiology, University of Leeds

John Blundell is a psychobiologist with expertise in the area of human appetite control, energy balance, exercise, nutrition and obesity. He is known for developing the concept of the Satiety Cascade and for establishing the Human Appetite Research Unit at the University of Leeds. Recent research, funded by BBSRC, has indicated how the drive to eat is related to body composition (fat free mass and fat mass) and is positively associated with resting metabolic rate. This theory has implications for the development and maintenance of obesity.

JB was a member of the Department of Science and Innovation ThinkTank on the Obesities which drew up the Obesity Systems Map, and a member of the Department of Health group on Social Marketing Approach for the prevention of obesity in children.In 2019 JB was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the UK Association for the Study of Obesity.
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  • 1995–2021
    Professor, University of Leeds