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Lecturer in Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Portsmouth

I studied Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Brighton. I worked as a software engineer at Voxar, Edinburgh until Summer 2001, and studied for a Electronic Engineering Masters at the University of Surrey with a medical image analysis research project.

In 2002, I commenced my PhD under the supervision of Dr Kevin Wells in the area of medical image analysis applied to MRI, PET and CT modalities, specifically analysis of regions consisting of multiple classes (partial volumes). I developed Bayesian probabilistic models to segment regions of the brain.

After successfully completing my PhD in 2006, I worked for two years as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Bristol on the analysis of video and multidimensional imaging data with Professor Majid Mirmehdi and Dr Xianghua Xie. This work was more generally applicable, not just to medical images and found particular application to the tracking of objects in video data.

From January 2009 to August 2013, I worked as a computer engineering lecturer and researcher at Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand in the
School of Information Technology.

In August 2013, I joined the School of Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK as a lecturer, teaching digital signal processing, digital electronics, video coding and related areas. Undergraduate and Master's project topics that I have to offer include projects on medical image analysis, image processing, computer vision, signal processing.

Teaching Responsibilities:
I teach on units involving digital signal processing, digital electronics, digital communications and video coding as well as helping with laboratories on analogue electronics and real time embedded systems.

I am currently working on techniques for the automated analysis of video data with applications including traffic safety and wildlife monitoring. I am also continuing my research in the area of medical image analysis. I am also supervising graduate projects in the areas of signal processing.


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    Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, University of Portsmouth