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Senior Lecturer in Computing, University of Central Lancashire

John's main research interests revolve around a methodological approach to the reverse engineering of data structures that are used for reconstructing activities on digital devices. He is in the process of creating his own methodology by combining existing techniques that include scientific method, finite state machines, and the use of freely available software.

John is certified to use the Cellebrite UFED system and is an accredited mobile phone examiner. John is in the process of earning his EnCE professional accreditation. John has attended the Bond Solon expert witness training course.

John has worked on several software development projects both before and during his time at UCLan. John has developed software to provide electronic data interchange on Windows and Unix systems, used Oracle PL/SQL to control data, and developed middleware for enterprise resource planning software and contact relationship managers.

John is keen to develop working relationships with Forensic Computing companies who work in criminal or civil investigations