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Professor in Sociology, Queen's University Belfast

John Nagle is Chair in Sociology at Queen's University Belfast. He has published five books and a number of articles in leading international journals. My current research focusses on the role of social movement activism in divided societies, particularly in Lebanon and Northern Ireland. In this, I examine how a range of non-sectarian social movements – including LGBTQ, feminist and class based groups - mobilize for inclusion or challenge power sharing structures in divided societies.

A related research theme includes the consequences of civil war and peace processes on LGBTQ populations, such Colombia, Northern Ireland, Syria and Lebanon. In addition, my research continues to provide a sociological analysis of consociational power sharing. I am also interested in the role of memory in generating political violence and peace.


  • 2019–present
    Professor, Queen's University Belfast


  • 2004 
    Queen's University of Belfast, PhD