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Associate Professor of Physics, UNSW

Original research interests lay in Biophysics where I studied various electrodiffusion problems, including studies on how ions move in and out of plant cells.

However my main research interest in recent years has shifted in focus to the development and application of new techniques for the rapid and precise measurement of acoustic impedance spectra with a very large dynamic range.

These improved techniques have enabled our laboratory to publish comprehensive databases that include the input impedance spectra for all the standard fingerings (and also some additional fingerings of interest) for the clarinet, saxophone and a number of flutes ranging from baroque to modern. The database for the flute has also allowed the development of a ‘virtual instrument’.

These techniques have also answered long-standing questions about the high singing voice and demonstrated that trained singers can tune their vocal tract resonances to the fundamental or a harmonic of the note sung.

Finally these techniques have also been used to measure the different ways in which players utilise their vocal tract when playing various musical instruments including the didjeridu, saxophone, clarinet and trumpet.


  • –present
    Associate Professor of Physics, University of New South Wales


  • 1978 
    The University of New South Wales, Ph.D (Biophysics)