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Reader in Cell and Molecular Biology, Oxford Brookes University

John Runions has for 25 years been conducting research on plant biology. His interests are genrally in the 'things that can be seen with microscopes' area but this is a broad area. Originally, John worked on how plants grow, develop and reproduce. I recent times, he has been much more focussed on the biology of cells under the general theme 'how do the organelles inside of cells work'. One of the key themes in John's research is the use of fluorescent proteins to study dynamic processes in living cells. There is no substitute for seeing cells in action.

John guests on BBC radio each week as Dr. Molecule and brings science to the public in an accessible and fun way.


  • 2005–present
    Reader in Cell and Molecular Biology, Oxford brookes University


  • 1996 
    University of Victoria, PhD