Temporary Lecturer, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol

I am currently a Temporary Lecturer in the Bristol Glaciology Centre, School of Geographical Sceinces, University of Bristol. My research focuses on quantifying rates of biogeochemical cycles in the cryosphere. Once though to be largely sterile, icy habitats (e.g. glaciers, ice sheets, permafrost, sea ice) are now known to contain abundant and diverse life capable of impacting local, regional and global biogeochemical cycles. A better understanding of how cryosphere biogeochemical cycles operate and their regional and global impacts is required to be able to:

a) predict the regional and global consequences of continued atmospheric warming and anthropogenic pollution in polar regions,

b) increase our understanding of the evolution of biogeochemical cycles over deep time, and

c) develop methods for distinguishing biological from non biological chemical signatures in ice environments elsewhere in the solar system

I have postdoctoral experience in measuring trace gas fluxes in the cryosphere (University of Bristol 2015), the biogeochemistry of glacier and ice sheet surfaces and its potential impact on glacier melting (University of Bristol, 2009-2012), and sources of methane in deep crustal environments (University of Toronto, affilated to NASA Astrobiology Initiative, 2004-2006). I have several years experience in managing analytical geochemical laboratories (University of Bristol 2007-2009, 2012-2015), and substantial experience of partcipating on and leading polar scientific camps and expeditions (Antarctica, Greenland, Svalbard, 2007-2015).


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    Postdoctoral research assistant, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol