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Curtin Senior Fellow, Professor & Clinical Neuropsychologist, Curtin University

Clinical academic working in the field of brain-behaviour relationships.

Higher education received at the Universities of Toronto (Baycrest Centre; Clinical Neuroscience), Oxford (Behavioural Neuroscience), Manchester (Psychology/Philosophy/Mathematics) and Edinburgh (Medicine).

Written works undertaken for a range of international, peer-reviewed academic and professional journals (including Journal of the American Medical Association, Brain, Molecular Psychiatry), popular magazines (e.g. New Scientist) and general resources (e.g. encyclopaedias). Currently approximately 180 authored works listed by Google Scholar and approximately 100 authored works listed by ISI. Six authored/edited books also currently published. See, for example:

Commended academic, professional and student supervision, including pro bono supervision. Government advisor on health policy. Work with media includes BBC (UK), ABC (Australia), Pearson, Reed Elsevier.

Refereeing of scientific proposals for national and international public and private agencies (including NHMRC - Australia; NIH - USA; Health and Medical Research Fund - China; MRC - UK; CNRS - France).


Neuropsychology & Clinical Neuroscience

Related Areas of Neuroscience & Psychology (e.g. Psychopharmacology, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Science, Computational Brain Modelling)


  • 2010–present
    Curtin Senior Fellow, Professor and Clinical Neuropsychologist, Curtin University and Health Department of WA


  • 1992 
    Baycrest Centre/University of Toronto, Fellowship in Neuropsychology
  • 1990 
    University of Oxford, DPhil (equivalent to PhD at other universities)

Professional Memberships

  • Wide range of academic and professional memberships, scientific reviewing activities and membership of the following international learned journal editorial boards: Neuropsychology, Cortex, Neuro


Personal awards/honours received from a range of national and international agencies.