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Jonathan Lundgren

Research Entomologist, South Dakota State University

Dr. Lundgren is an applied ecologist investigating ecologically based forms of managing insects and weeds. Two general themes to his research program are: 1) exploring and mitigating the risks associated with pest control technologies (GM crops, insecticides, exotic insect releases), and 2) developing sustainable strategies that rely on natural ecological processes to prevent and reduce insect pest outbreaks in cropland. The USDA-ARS-NCARL has active projects working on risk assessments of Bt and RNAi-based insecticidal corn and neonicotinoid seed treatments on non-target organisms. Also, NCARL is integrating ecosystem services (predation, pollination, soil processes, etc.) provided by insects into modern cropping systems; much of this work centers on increasing biodiversity and reducing habitat disturbance to cropland using agronomic practices.


  • 2004–present
    Research Entomologist, USDA-ARS


Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering; Rothbart Early Career Award for the USDA-ARS, Entomological Society of America Early Career Award