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Jonathan Richardson

Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Richmond

I am something between an ecologist, conservation biologist and an evolutionary biologist, mainly because I try to integrate a number of approaches and perspectives into my research. I do this in part because it’s more interesting to me from a scholarly perspective. But mostly I think an integrative approach is the most fruitful avenue to addressing complex questions about the natural world, particularly ones with applied relevance to conservation and epidemiology. To this end, I use genomic, experimental, and physiological techniques to explore the mechanisms shaping the patterns we observe in the field. Most of this work focuses on species in and around cities like New York, Salvador, Brazil, Providence, and soon… Richmond. My research also spans levels of biological organization and scale, from genes to phenotypes to communities, and populations to regional landscapes. More details can be found on the other sections of this website.


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    Assistant Professor of Biology, University of Richmond